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ADSS Staff Directory

​​​​​(Email is the best way to contact Teachers, click on Staff Member name to email them. / ADSS - 250-723-6251 + Local, to phone)​
Principal​ Vice-Principal​ Vice-Principal​
Mr. R. Souther   Mr. N. Seredick ​​​Local 2406 Mrs. J. Badovinac Local 2411
​Vice-Principal ​​​​Accountant​ ​Security / Auditorium
Mr. C. Poole Local 2404  Ms. Nikki Levasseur ​​​Local 2403 Mr. L. Marsh ​Local 2483
Counselors ​​​      
Mr. J. McDonald​ Local 2408 Ms. C. Graydon​ ​Local 2409 ​​Mr. R. Ostwald ​​​​Local ​2410
​Youth Care Staff ​First Nations
​Ms. C. Buchan Local 2418 Ms. M. Hamelin Local 2419 Ms. D. Gallic ​Local 2417

Ms. N. White
(Advising Centre/Student Records)

​​​Local 2412 Ms. H. Cruikshank
(Admin Systems)
​Loc​al 2407 Mrs. C. Brooks
(Main Office)​
​​​​Local 2401
Ms. E. McLeod
​​ Local 2402 Off.
 Local 2420 Lib.
​Mrs. T.A. Wynans
(Career Centre)
Local 2413

Ms. K. Abercrombie Local 2474 Ms. J. Anderson Local 2468 Mr. J. Arnett Local 2441 
Ms. L. Aspell ​Local 4414 Mr. C. Barber ​Local 2433 ​​Mr. K. Bauer​​ ​Local 2431
Mr. D. Bill ​Local 2440 ​Ms. L. Bill 
Local 2420
Mr. P. Affleck 
(for E. Waldriff)         
Mr. R. Bodnar    ​Local 2458 Ms. M. Campbell            ​​Local 5418 Ms. J. Chambers​  Local 2461
Mr. D. Chase​            Local 2458            ​​ Mr. B. Clark ​Local 2479
Mr. J. Contant            Local 2460 Mr. T. Crosby   ​Local 2459 Ms. D. Dalton ​Local 2425
Ms. C Dornian  
(for M. Turner)
 Local 2456 Mr. D. Duperron ​Local 2481 Mr. R. Dvorak             Local 2499          
Ms. C. Ellis            Local 2467           Mr. G. Freethy
(Career Centre)           

Local 2415
Ms. T. Gallagher Local 2486 Mr. R. Gaucher            Local ​2455 ​​Ms. K. Gibson Local 2459
Mr. R. Gill Local ​2485 ​Ms. M Gillis            Local ​2464 Ms. D. Guenther Local 2477
Mr. C. Hall ​(on leave) ​Mr. R. Hall            Local 2475 Ms. N. Hamaguchi             Local 4465
Hartman          Local ​2446 ​​Ms. S. Hopkins ​Local 2423 Ms. L. Hurst ​Local 2466
Ms. A. Jack​
(Learning Center)
​Local 2443 ​Ms. J. Johnson Local ​4468 Ms. L. Kolba  

Mr. R. Kristensen          (Tech Support)

Local 2489 Mr. J. Kynoch            Local 2454 Mr. M. Lane​  
Mr. A. Loudon            Blog
Local 2438
Mr. M. Markin            Local 2499 Mr. B. Matlock            Local 2493     
Mr. S. Merwin Local 2422  Mr. D. Mott ​Local 2434 ​​Mr. T. Organ ​Local 2473
​Ms. A. Ostwald Local 2471 Mr. N. Parmar
(Career Centre) 
Local 2416 ​Mr. J. Parsons Local 2436
​Ms. M. Pearson ​Local 2476 ​Ms. A. Pohar ​Local 2470 Ms. J. Preston Local 2435
Ms. M. Pritchard ​Local 2463 Ms. K. Ralston ​Local  2439 Mr. M. Randall ​Local  2469
Ms. R. Reynolds ​Local 2472 Mr. M. Roberts​             Local 2424 Ms. J. Rogers            Local 2468
Mr. S. Rust            Local 2432   Mr. G. Purewal Local 2451 Mr. A. Seredick Local 2449 
Ms. S. Smith​​            ​Local 2478 Mr. N. Stoddart ​​​Local 2442 Mr. I. Thomas      Webpage
Local 2414
Mr. M. Tremblay Webpage      
Local 2462       ​
                Mr. E. Waldriff ​on leave
Mr. J. Wall Local 2448 ​Mr. G. Wheatley             Ms. D. Wood  Local 2452  
​Ms. S. York ​Local 2453
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